Board chair: Raley’s plans ‘not surprising’

Karen Whetzel, chairwoman of the Shenandoah County School Board, said that prior to last Wednesday’s board meeting Superintendent Jeremy Raley was being considered for positions in other school divisions.

“This was not surprising, given his ability and strong accomplishment,” Whetzel said. “We had already intended to have discussions with Dr. Raley in our closed meeting, but our School Board had not taken any action prior to that time.

“Dr. Raley had simply made us aware of his serious conversations with another Virginia school board. We respected the process and the reality that until there was a resignation both tendered and accepted by our board, it was not timely for us to have a public discussion.”

She added that Raley was a strong leader and wonderful asset to the school division.

Raley resigned as superintendent at last week’ board meeting, effective June 30. He begins his new position of superintendent of schools for Goochland County on Friday.

“Out of sincere appreciation and recognition of his many accomplishments and his dedication to our school division, the board voted Wednesday evening to accept his resignation,” Whetzel said. “The board may accept the resignation of the superintendent at any time, and it chose to do so when it received his resignation Wednesday evening.”

Raley will receive a $32,000 raise as Goochland County’s new superintendent. His salary in Shenandoah County was $128,000, and his new salary will be $160,000.

Mark Johnston will step in as interim superintendent for Shenandoah County schools on Friday. According to a memorandum of agreement between the School Board and Johnston, he will be paid a monthly rate of $10,880.

Johnston will serve as interim superintendent until a new superintendent is appointed by the School Board.

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