Conservation board recognizes contributions

Bud Nagelvoort, center, future inductee to the National Association of Conservation Districts Hall of Fame, stands flanked by Kendall Tyree, left, executive director of the Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts; and Richard "Dick" Hoover, right, chairman of the Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District at the district's board meeting Thursday. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

STRASBURG – Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District chairman Richard “Dick” Hoover recognized three “stars” to start off the district’s board of directors meeting Thursday.

He welcomed Kendall Tyree, executive director of the Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts, who was visiting from Richmond to see the Lord Fairfax district in action and meet with associate director Bud Nagelvoort.

Nagelvoort will be inducted into the Southeast Region of the National Conservation Hall of Fame next month. He’ll join other outstanding conservation-minded representatives from other states in the region recognized at the region’s meeting and induction at the end of next month.

Tyree said she’s been working to put together a presentation of Nagelvoort’s various projects and contributions to conservation over the years.

“I know a bit about Mr. Nagelvoort’s background and his dedication to conservation over his lifetime,” she said after the meeting. “I’m learning more about what he’s contributed to it because in his presentation … we really want to give due credit to not just his conservation district work, but the larger picture of it.”

During the meeting, Nagelvoort described his recent visit to Mason Dixon Farms, an area near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border that he said he hasn’t seen since about 1980. Having helped efforts to use biogas to create energy for the farm, he remarked on the growth of the operation.

“It was an amazing sight,” he said before remarking that the overwhelming “fragrance” he remembers from the cow waste is now under control.

So far, he said he’s contributed toward a stream exclusion project in Clarke County, protecting banks from erosion and trampling by livestock.

“My role has been a small one with all of these things,” he said after the meeting. “But I’ve just had the opportunity to be a part of some very excellent things.”

To honor the third “star” he spoke of, Hoover presented Amanda Campbell, administrative assistant, with an award thanking her for 30 years of work with the district.

“Our third star is someone … who has kept the conservation focused and the high-performing members of our board and staff out of hot, if not prosecutable, waters; kept us all from falling flat on our administrative faces,” he said.

District directors approved reappointment of Corey Childs as the district’s VCE agent for another term. During his report, District Conservationist Mike Liskey, from the Strasburg Service Center of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, announced he will be retiring effective July 2.

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