Planning commission considers retirement home

MOUNT JACKSON – The planning commission met Monday to hear a presentation from a company proposing to build a retirement home in town, as well as to work on details on the mega site in the comprehensive plan.

Bonnie Good is the chairperson of the commission. She said Mount Jackson residents have been asking for a retirement home to be built for a long time, and given the area’s aging population, the timing is excellent.

“We are quite in favor of it,” Good said. “We think it’s something needed not just for Mount Jackson, but for the valley in general. We have a lot of seniors who require assisted living, and a lot of other folks who are looking to downsize.”

People Incorporated, the company that presented, is a community economic development organization. It proposed to build the site on U.S. Route 11, near the Dollar General.

The discussion at the meeting was preliminary, Good said. People Inc. will return next month with more details and a site plan. The site would require a special-use permit and a public hearing before it is finalized. The company hopes to have it completed by the end of 2017.

“We fit the bill, and it would be a nice thing to happen,” Good said.

Along with the retirement home, the planning commission also discussed zoning details for the industrial site. Specifically, it discussed which zones (heavy manufacturing areas, light manufacturing areas or business complexes) to place within the park, and where to place them.

Commission member Anita Miller said that at the meeting, Robert Whitehurst Jr., who owns the mega-site property, mentioned he met with state officials who are very excited by the prospect of an industrial site larger than 100 acres.

Good recalled the same sentiment.

“It appears as if there was a push to get money to help sites that have more than 100 acres to help make it more available and ready to go for industries,” she said.

Whitehurst could not be reached for comment.

The term “mega-site” refers to a large chunk of land annexed by the town, along with 150 acres already owned by the town, to be used for business and industrial purposes.

Looking forward, Good sent commission members home for the month with instruction to look carefully over zoning regulations before the commission meets again in July. In the meantime, the comprehensive plan focus group will meet again at 7 p.m. June 16 to hone its recommendations for the planning commission.

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