Gypsy Catwalk takes stock to its customers

Kasey Fuller is the owner of Gypsy Catwalk, a "mobile boutique" she uses to travel throughout the valley bringing fashionable women's clothes to her customers. Courtesy photo

Gypsy Catwalk, a mobile fashion store based in Mount Jackson, is bringing clothing to the women in the Shenandoah Valley using an unconventional business model.

Owner and operator Kasey Fuller said she has driven her vinyl-wrapped step van from Staunton to Centreville and everywhere in between on her mission to deliver deals to the valley’s fashion-conscious women.

“I want to satisfy the girls in the valley and hopefully bring them some unique quality clothing that they don’t see in the stores offered to them, and at a cheaper rate than they might find elsewhere,” Fuller said.

“It’s a UPS-style truck,” said Fuller. “The entrance is through the side, and you walk in and there are racks on either side and there are mirrors and probably 12 LED lights, so the lighting in there is perfect. There’s a dressing room, there are awnings on the side of the truck and when they’re open, I bring a rack of clothes and set up a little sitting area outside of the truck as well.”

Fuller, a former teacher, decided to foray into fashion after having her second child and becoming a stay-at-home mom.

“I graduated from Florida State with a marketing degree and I went into teaching and I was middle school math teacher,” she said. “I’m a girl and shopping is a thing that girls like to pass time doing that. I always said, ‘It would be so fun (to open a boutique.)’ I decided to just go with it now that I’ve had kids. I guess it’s now or never.”

Fuller said she typically takes her store on wheels to places like wine, music and food truck festivals, but also offers her services on a smaller scale for those looking to entertain a few friends.

“The private parties that I’ve booked thus far, I was anticipating it would be for a younger crowd – maybe somebody celebrating a birthday,” she said. “Almost all of them have been like a wine night for the girls. They’ll have a wine dinner party. I say I’ll be there for two hours but it usually ends up going over.”

Fuller doesn’t charge a rental fee for bringing her truck to a small get-together, but does require at least 10 confirmed attendants within a 90-mile radius, she said. She said a fee can be negotiated for a trip longer than 90 miles.

Gypsy Catwalk offers clothing for women roughly between the ages of 18 and 40. The fashion truck also has plus-sized clothing. Fuller said she stocks popular designers like Judith March and Umgee.

“I advertise that everything is under $100, but it hasn’t even come close to $100,” she said. “I haven’t marked anything at over $60 yet.”

Fuller explained that online shopping has become the norm, but is not without its shortcomings. The mobile boutique offers the convenience of internet shopping without the limitations.

“Online shopping has exploded over the years, but with clothing, the fit is always hit or miss,” Fuller said. “It’s a mobile boutique as well; I’m hopefully able to reach more clientele, and I’m pretty sure I have clothes or accessories that will satisfy them and they’ll be able to try them on as well.”

While Fuller said the concept of a mobile boutique is not brand new, those closest to the valley are in Washington or Richmond.

Fuller also sells her products at http://thegypsycatwalk.com. Gypsy Catwalk can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GypsyCatwalk.

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