Trilogy at Lake Frederick unveils new facilities

Rick Turner, a Lake Frederick resident, takes a tour of the private dining room inside Shenandoah Lodge, which features 150 wine lockers. The lodge, which houses Region's 117 restaurant, will soon open to the public for dining. Rich Cooley/Daily

FREDERICK COUNTY – Trilogy at Lake Frederick, a housing development offering residential opportunities for those 55 and older, unveiled some of the fruits of its labor Tuesday.

While Shea Homes, which has overseen building and design of the development, has plans to build more houses there in the future, its farm-to-table restaurant, lodge and athletic center were unveiled Tuesday with a grand opening scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday.

After a years-long development attempt by a previous company went unfinished, buildings were left vacant and boarded up. Shea Homes, which worked on such projects as the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, took on the challenge.

Jason King is the general manager at Trilogy at Lake Frederick for Shea Homes.

“We want our communities to be authentic to the area,” King said. “We don’t want to just build something that doesn’t fit the area. (The goal) is really how to create a unique community but at the same time really deliver a few fundamental things, and that’s health and wellness, exploration and learning and social interaction – giving people a chance to make friends and build those relationships. What we’ve found is if you can deliver those things, you can really have happy people.”

Scott Bilstad, executive chef of Region's 117 restaurant, holds a grilled chicken torta with house-made barbecue chips. Rich Cooley/Daily

The 117-acre Lake Frederick serves as a scenic backdrop for Trilogy’s restaurant, Region’s 117. The restaurant’s name is both an homage to the size of the lake as well as to their commitment to sourcing local ingredients within a roughly 117-mile radius.

“One of the key things that makes this community different than really any other community in Northern Virginia is this farm-to-table restaurant experience that overlooks the lake,”‘ King said. “Nobody else has it, most developers shy away from restaurants, but what we’ve found is that it really enhances the lives of our members and creates that social interaction and an entirely different dynamic.”

King went on to explain that participation in the farm-to-table movement isn’t exclusive to young city dwellers.

“I think everyone’s looking to eat healthy and what we’ve found is that we can do it without it costing more, and it’s an incredible value, the restaurant as well, with high quality food all scratch made. Our chef is a really talented, young local chef (Executive Chef Scott Bilstad).”

The restaurant will get a portion of its ingredients from on-site gardens and orchards to diminish the distance some of the food must travel.

Lake Frederick residents Dwight and Wanda Lowther grab doughnut samples during the opening of Region's 117 restaurant inside Shenandoah Lodge at Lake Frederick. Rich Cooley/Daily

“We have cherry orchards, an apple orchard and a chef’s garden,” King said. “We can actually grow food right outside our front doors and bring it into the restaurant. You have communities in the region that maybe offer an agricultural aspect, but they don’t offer a restaurant. We’re fortunate enough to have both here.”

Region’s 117 is open to the public, and guests don’t need to be residents to dine or have a drink inside or on the large deck addition. It can accommodate up to 130 people.

Barrie Holt, general manager for Trilogy’s Shenandoah Lodge as well as the development’s athletic club for Blue Star Resort and Golf, explained some of the amenities.

“Over here at the athletic club, it has an indoor pool and outdoor pool and athletic equipment. We just invested $125,000 in Technogym equipment, which is state of the art… The athletic club is for Trilogy members only.”

She also explained plans to significantly increase the number of homes at Lake Frederick as well as Shea’s reclamation of the building that now houses Region’s 117 and Trilogy’s event center.

Jason King, general manager for Trilogy of Shea Homes in Lake Frederick, speaks to a crowd of Lake Frederick residents outside Shenandoah Lodge on Tuesday morning. Rich Cooley/Daily

“Of the 2,000 homes that we’re building here, Trilogy brand has about 1,400,” Holt said. “… Shea Homes hired us, Blue Star Resort and Golf. We manage the whole 18-acre footprint… Shea finished building this (restaurant and lodge) building. It had been locked up and boarded up for the last 10 years. The members that have been here for 10 years haven’t seen the inside of this building… All they had was the athletic club. We had 350 homeowners from previous builders and so we will go ahead and finish another 1,400 homes in the community. We’ll be done in about eight years.”

Holt also said that plans are in the works to construct a boat dock at the water’s edge by the restaurant and athletic club in the near future.

King said he hopes the restaurant will help to attract potential buyers to the community.

“We really want to enhance the lives in the Shenandoah Valley overall,” he said. “We really want to bring people here and learn more about the lifestyle and obviously our hope is that someone will want to buy a home and stay.”

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Lake Frederick residents walk outside Shenandoah Lodge on Tuesday. Rich Cooley/Daily