Mount Jackson water main breaks, leaks 1.5 million gallons

A water main ruptured in Mount Jackson early Friday morning near the Merillat plant on the west side of town.

According to Mayor J.G. “Bucky” Miller, approximately 1.5 million gallons of water leaked from the burst.

“It was pretty severe, but our crew was on it early and got everything taken care of,” he said.

Miller said the leak was first detected around midnight and located at 2 a.m. Friday when crews began replacing it.

Authorities with the town requested to residents throughout the day Friday to conserve water as much as possible. However, no formal order was made to this effect.

Several of the town’s emergency water reservoirs, including the water tower and the well at Shenandoah Caverns, were depleted following the break.

While Miller said water reservoir levels should be back to normal by today or Sunday, the town is still asking residents to cut back on water use in any way possible.

“We’re still asking people to be conservative just so we can get everything back to normal,” Miller said on Friday. “I’d imagine after tomorrow (Saturday) it’ll be business as usual.”

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