Ride manufacturer: Faulty assembly caused passenger’s fall

The manufacturer of a ride involved in an accident at the Frederick County Fair has reported that investigations revealed the ride wasn’t assembled properly.

A 47-year-old woman fell about 40 feet from the Super Shot ride – which lifts passengers to the top of a tower and then drops them – at the fair on July 25. The woman was taken to Winchester Medical Center for treatment of multiple injuries.

Frederick County stated in a news release last week that Inners Shows, the company that owns the rides, complied with a cease and desist letter about the Super Shot. Frederick County Building Inspectors had inspected the ride before the fair began, and Inners Shows employees had inspected it before it ran on the day of the incident.

Through its inspection, the department found no malfunctions that would’ve caused the fall, and continued to investigate the incident.

A.R.M. Inc., the Ohio-based company that manufactures Super Shot rides, stated in a Wednesday release that “information from post accident inspectors who have viewed the subject ride” led to a conclusion that improper assembly of the portable ride caused the incident, not any structural failures of the ride or its parts. The company stated that the Super Shot is safe when it’s been properly assembled, inspected and maintained.

The company also stated that it’s made more than 60 Super Shot rides and that they have “an impressive safety record.”

Calls to Frederick County for comments from the Building Inspections department were not returned on Wednesday.

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