Strasburg considers adding sewer line to property

STRASBURG – The Strasburg Infrastructure Committee met Thursday to hear a request from property owners asking the town to hook up a sewer line to their property off Radio Station Road.

DWS Partnership, which owns just shy of 10 acres in what will be the Northern Shenandoah Business Park, said the town is obligated to hook up the sewer lines, as per an agreement made when they annexed the property in 1999.

Company representatives Don Downey and Carla Wallen said the town is slated to pay to install the lines in “Phase III” of the business plan, roughly nine years down the line. Downey requested it happen sooner so he could market a site-ready business location.

“We are trying to market it, and it’s difficult to get someone interested when we don’t have the facilities here,” he said.

However, Committee Chair Shirley Maddox said the issue is a catch-22 in that the town needs to see a commitment to develop before it invests in the infrastructure.

“It’s difficult to put the facilities in unless we have someone interested,” she said.

After discussing the matter, Maddox said that Town Manager Ryan Spitzer and Assistant Town Manager Jay McKinley agreed that as per DSW and the town’s agreement, the town has to extend infrastructure so long as business is ready to develop.

McKinley said once both the town and DSW are ready to move, the sewer lines could be completed within four to six months.

“It can be done in a fairly short timeline if everyone keeps all their ducks lined up and in a row,” he said.

While Downey referred to his request as asking for a bit of “special consideration,” Mayor Rich Orndorff Jr. said the town would be fulfilling a contractual obligation, not catering to any special interests.

“I don’t think you’re asking for special consideration,” he said.

Despite the committee’s consensus to provide the sewer lines, progress likely won’t happen in the near future. DSW would need to find a buyer, and the town would need to run arrangements through Town Council, town management and the town attorney.

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