Vehicles vandalized in Strasburg auto repair shop

A truck, along with nine other vehicles, was vandalized Wednesday night at Showalter's auto repair lot on Front Royal Road. Photo courtesy Ken Showalter

STRASBURG – A local business owner said 10 vehicles parked in the lot of his auto repair shop were vandalized Wednesday night.

Ken Showalter, owner of Showalter Auto Repair, said he first became aware of the vandalism when he got a call early Thursday morning informing him yellow spray paint had been sprayed over his clients’ vehicles.

While Showalter and his employees cleaned up the paint with an acetone based solution, he said he’s disappointed with the crime.

“It’s a respect thing,” he said. “Nobody has respect for anybody’s property anymore. I don’t know how I’d handle it if I saw the guy who did it today.”

Although the paint did come off, it came with a price tag for the owner. Showalter said he and three employees worked for two hours each to get the paint off. He estimated his labor costs at $65 per hour, totaling out damage at $520, not counting the price of the cleaning goods.

Two Strasburg police officers on the scene to investigate said there are no leads at the time. They also said they cannot recall any similar vehicular vandalism incidents in recent memory.

Showalter said he believes the suspects behind the crime were in an automobile while they were spraying, though he could not confirm this theory. He had no cameras up at the time of the incident, but said it was a wakeup call and he will be installing a security camera shortly.

Anyone with knowledge of the graffiti is encouraged to contact the Strasburg Police Department.

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