Woodstock appoints Clem as town manager

Angela Clem

Woodstock has appointed interim Town Manager Angela Clem as its new town manager.

The Woodstock Town Council made a unanimous decision to appoint Clem, 34, to the position effective immediately. Clem was assistant town manager before she was appointed on Aug. 1 to serve as interim manager after Town Manager Reid Wodicka resigned.

Clem said she is extremely proud and excited to continue working with the town’s staff and residents.

“Woodstock has an extremely talented staff and dedicated volunteers. I am so honored to be able to continue those relationships into the future,” she said. “They are one of the top reasons why I am driven to enter this position. They are innovative, problem-solving and dedicated beyond measure. In addition, we are also so fortunate to have a mayor and town council who supports important and creative initiatives.”

She added that while in her position she hopes to continue to update the town’s strategic plan that was created three years ago and outlines important goals and objectives to drive the town into the future.

These objectives included “being a great place to do business, to be a competitive and innovative employer, to have a commitment to responsible fiscal management strategies, setting the standard for local government performance, increasing civic engagement, being a beautiful place to live and work, preserving and linking neighborhood amenities, and preserving our town for future generations,” she said.

Another project she said she hopes to continue working on is the water treatment plant upgrade and the downtown parking lot project that she says will be completed during her first year.

Other goals, she added, “include increasing Woodstock’s economic development presence, continued investment in aging infrastructure, highlighting bike and pedestrian connections, concentrating on green infrastructure initiatives, renovation of the Woodstock school, understanding and planning for future staffing needs, and the continued enhancement of public spaces.”

Mayor Jeremy McCleary said he feels great about Clem’s new position as town manager.

He added that the council served as the selection committee for the hiring process. All council members were involved in reviewing the 20 applications and conducting interviews.

“That really says a lot about her qualifications for the position because we really had some excellent applicants for the position,” he said about the unanimous decision in hiring Clem. “The Town Council has had a great opportunity to observe her success over the last several years and we are highly confident in her abilities.”

Clem has worked for the town for the past 11 years and has gained experience in planning and community development, project management, human resources and administration. She has served under two different town managers.

Clem added that she began her tenure with the Department of Public Works, “which gave me a unique understanding and appreciation for the public works field.”

After a year, she accepted a position in the Planning & Community Development department. After that she became assistant town manager.

McCleary added that over “the last three years we have spent a lot of time on planning for the future. We adopted the town’s first ever strategic plan and the town’s first ever capital improvement plan. We feel that Angie is the perfect person to lead the day-to-day operations in implementing those plans, as well as the perfect person to continue the planning process down the road.”

Former Town Manager Reid Wodicka left his position at the end of July to become the assistant county administrator in Bedford County. Wodicka’s ending salary was $105,000, and he is making the same amount in Bedford County. His starting salary with Woodstock was $87,000.

Clem said her salary will be $92,000 and will receive benefits commensurate with those offered by the Town of Woodstock to all employees.

McCleary said the town will begin the search for a new assistant town manager immediately.

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