Got a parking ticket? Pay it with canned food in Strasburg

Next time you get a parking ticket in Strasburg, you might need to fork over a couple cans of beans.

Strasburg Police Chief Tim Sutherly said Monday that the recipients of any parking tickets by Strasburg Police Department can pay their fine in canned food to be donated to Compassion Cupboard Inc., a local food pantry.

Each can of food is worth $1 toward the fine with the new system.

Although Strasburg doesn’t drive much revenue through parking tickets, Sutherly said he hopes the giving spirit will catch on throughout town.

“We’re hoping it draws more attention to things and, through the multiplier effect, people will end up donating who don’t get any tickets,” he said.

Sutherly estimates that, at the going rate, the town will issue between $150 and $200 worth of parking tickets by the end of the year. A standard parking violation draws a $10 fine.

The idea first came to Sutherly through a friend and fellow law enforcement officer from Kentucky, whose hometown had seen success with the program. After getting the all-clear from Town Manager Ryan Spitzer, Sutherly said the project has begun on a trial basis to be evaluated at the end of the year.

The new initiative will not lead to a boom in parking citations, Sutherly said.

“We’re just going to do things the way we always have,” he said.

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