Strasburg construction causes brown tap water

The construction on King Street caused The Northern Virginia Daily’s office faucets to emit dark brown water on Wednesday.

Assistant Town Manager Jay McKinley said the issue, which is likely to be affecting other Strasburg businesses or residences as well, is caused by disturbances from construction work on King Street.

To clean up the water, McKinley said users should run their faucets for 15-20 minutes until they clear.

“Just keep running water until it comes out clear. That’ll bring fresh water through service lines and out the spigot,” he said. “Once it runs clear, the water is clean.”

He said when treatment plants treat water, they leave trace amounts of chemicals. Those chemicals ebb from the water into pipes where they settle as sediment. The construction most likely stirred up the sediment, causing it to flush out into residences.

Town officials posted an advisory for residents Wednesday evening about the issue.

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