Strasburg police chief planning parenting seminar

Strasburg Chief of Police Tim Sutherly is working on bringing a speaker to town to educate area parents on new, positive parenting techniques.

Sutherly said while nothing is finalized, he is working on bringing Shenandoah University professor Brandon Greene in to share his research and insight on child rearing.

Greene said he isn’t coming to tell folks how to raise their kids, but to offer general guidance.

“I wouldn’t presume to dictate to any parent how they should raise a child,” he said. “I think that we’ve managed to identify some practices that seem to help well being of some families.”

More specifically, Green said contemporary parenting puts too much of an emphasis on punitive measures, which may inhibit healthy growth and development.

“The tendency to be punitive starts very early,” he said. “Maybe a more positive and stronger foundation being laid in the beginning might give a family a leg up as things progress.

Sutherly, who is a father of two, shared similar ideas. He said he isn’t out to make decisions for anyone and their family, but wants to give residents an opportunity to hear about new research and methodology from a professional.

“We’re not telling people how to parent their kid, we’re just giving different ideas for how to use more positive parenting than blame, shame and pain,” he said.

According to both Sutherly and Greene, no date has been set for the seminar, but Sutherly is working with the community to find an appropriate time and venue for the event. He said the event will likely be held in either late September or early October.

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