Civil water dispute case set for arguments

WINCHESTER – A civil case between Stephens City and the Frederick County Sanitation Authority was set for arguments in Frederick County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

Richmond attorney E. Duncan Getchell Jr. appeared in court for the authority and Thomas Moore “Ty” Lawson represented the town.

Getchell brought up multiple instances of postponing the case, saying that “there are real world consequences” to the delays in the form of mounting unpaid bills. Lawson later said that the delay isn’t solely because of the town.

According to online court records, the case was filed in late August 2015 and the first hearing occurred in November 2015. Lawson said there has been an “enormous amount of discovery exchanged” in the case.

The authority maintains that the town continues to owe water and wastewater service charges, and Getchell said in court that the town is spending money collected from customers on other government functions. Lawson said the town’s position is that the authority has been getting water from town sources for free.

“Let’s put everything on once and for all,” he said in court.

Online court records state that the case has been set for a demurrer on Jan. 18.

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