Woodstock repairs water main breaks

Angela Clem

Woodstock Town Manager Angela Clem and the public works team have had to work quickly after multiple water main breaks throughout town over the last several months.

Public Works began a repair in the late afternoon Tuesday after discovering a water main break under the West Reservoir Road bridge.

Clem said that when this break was repaired, “it became evident that the line had shifted, like a chain reaction of events, and when the line was pressurized, charged with water, the second break was recognized under the bridge abutment. The second break was then repaired.”

The office is continuing to watch this portion of the water line because there is a greater chance of failure in another section of the pipe due to the shift that occurred.

They began repairs on these breaks in the late afternoon and left the site at 4 a.m. Wednesday, she said.

The water line is an old line that once brought water to town from the west end reservoir, where the town has a dam, she said. “Now the line serves residents west of town, with water coming from the water treatment plan on the east side of town. Therefore, the line has to be under a lot of pressure to move water through the system to those households.”

She added that during fluctuations in weather temperatures and patterns, such as dry to wet weather or hot to cool weather, the town tends to see more water line breaks. She said this is not unusual in localities with water systems, especially older systems.

“Woodstock has had an excellent history of maintaining and upgrading aging infrastructure for environmental, public health and customer service delivery reasons, and we will continue to identify the costs and benefits of future upgrades,” she said, adding that she appreciates the patience of residents served by this line during the process.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for our public works staff,” Clem said. “They are resourceful, creative and extremely good at what they do.”

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