Every vote counts: One vote decides race in student mock election

Matthew Rozzi, 10, of Edinburg, casts his vote for who should win this year's presidential election. Kaley Toy/Daily

WOODSTOCK – High school students taught elementary school students the importance of patriotism and the upcoming election.

Central High School family and consumer science teachers Holly Roberts and Raelyn Hamilton teamed up with W.W. Robinson Elementary School fifth grade teacher Jessica Dorman to provide students with an election campaign simulation.

Students in Roberts’ and Hamilton’s classes visited the fifth grade classroom on Friday.

Hamilton said her class has been learning about patriotism, voting and the presidential election and she wanted her students to teach these lessons to the younger kids through a fun activity.

“I like to get my students out and get them out into the community,” she said.

Victor Vasquez, 10, of Woodstock, asks Rosalinda Leon, 14, of Edinburg, how to fill in his ballot after hearing from both parties. Kaley Toy/Daily

She added that the classes were split up between the Democratic and Republican parties. They had to research their candidate, create a brochure and poster and write a persuasive essay on why someone should vote for their candidate.

Students were told to “act like campaigners,” she said.

Then high schoolers traveled to the elementary school donning red and blue clothing, based on party affiliation, and spoke to the students in Dorman’s class about why their candidate is the best and should win the election, she said. After the elementary students spoke with members of both the Democratic and Republican parties, they were given a ballot and cast their vote for who they would vote for based on the information the high schoolers presented. The kids were given a star sticker after they cast their vote.

Results of the mock election: 11 votes for Donald Trump and 10 votes for Hillary Clinton.

Hamilton said this project was a great way for the students to get out of the classroom and use current events and collaborate with not only other high school students, but also with elementary students.

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