Planning Commission recommends special use permit for another brewery

STRASBURG – The town’s planning commission unanimously voted to recommend a special use permit that would allow a brewery to operate on West King Street.

Kyle Slonecker hopes Town Council will approve the special use permit recommendation so that he can move forward with his goal of opening Siblings Rivalry, a proposed one-barrel brewing operation.

“Tonight was just the first step in getting all the local legal stuff situated,” Slonecker said. “The plan is just to start up what I hope will be a very successful enterprise. The idea with Siblings Rivalry is to have a unique, small system so that we can create beer that is unique to its localities.”

The brewery will be located at 234 W. King St.

“We’re going to have a little bit of everything (in terms of beer styles),” Slonecker said. “It’ll depend on the town to tell us what they like. On a small system, you can really cater to the town.”

Wyatt Pearson, planning and zoning administrator for Strasburg explained the conditions for the special use permit.

“They (the planning commission) voted to recommend approval with the conditions that they discussed there, which is closing the cistern and also conditioning the size of the (brewing) system, so if he expands to a larger system, then he has to come back for another approval,” Pearson said.

The cistern to which Pearson referred is essentially an open well containing standing water, the closure of which is necessary for patron safety.

Pearson said that he and the town are in favor of more businesses like breweries coming into the town.

“As a planner, we’re excited to see new businesses coming into town,” he said. “Breweries are big all over the state, so we think it’s a positive thing.”

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