Strasburg to convert Sharpe Street to a one-way

STRASBURG – Town Council voted Thursday to convert Sharpe Street into a one-way going north between Queen Street and King Street.

Kim Bishop, councilwoman and chair of the transportation, streets and sidewalks committee, put forth the recommendation following several committee meetings and input from residents on both Sharpe and Queen streets.

“Some citizens have come up to me worried about the speed on the street, and it’s a very narrow street as you all know,” she said. “For safety’s sake I think it’s a good idea.”

Three citizens came to the meeting to speak on behalf of the traffic redirection.

Most of the council agreed with the idea outright. Councilman Scott Terndrup said he’s on board after hearing confirmation the schools had been consulted with the decision.

Councilwoman Barbara Plitt said she sees students speeding up and down the street from her porch before and after school, and has heard complaints from citizens worried about their kids playing in the street.

However, several councilmen brought up a few dissenting points. Although he ended up voting in favor of the proposal, Councilman Don Le Vine said the needs of the town should be more carefully measured with these sorts of problems, not just the needs of residents on the street.

He said before further changes are made, including the idea of adding a stop sign, he would like to see a traffic study conducted.

Councilman Seth Newman, the only councilman to vote against the proposal, shared similar ideas.

“I’m not a fan of changing traffic patterns because somebody has a problem on their street,” he said. “…We can’t accommodate every group of three people in this town, we have to think of the town as a whole. We have to think about the effects that one one-way street will make on this town.”

The council ultimately approved the motion in a 7-1 vote. In a follow-up email, Town Manager Ryan Spitzer said he’s not sure when the change will be implemented because the town needs to coordinate with the schools to create new bus routes and put up the proper signage for a new traffic pattern.

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