Town Council OKs boundary line adjustment for park

STRASBURG – Town Council voted Wednesday night to adjust the boundary line of the parcel containing the Brown building to free up the land to be used for the town park.

This comes three weeks before council’s deadline to decide the fate of the Brown building.

Town Manager Ryan Spitzer said moving the property line would allow the land behind the building to qualify for funding from the Community Development Block Grant, which will help fund a community park surrounding the property at 218 E. King St.

In earlier sessions, council imposed a Nov. 30 deadline on itself to decide whether it would restore the Brown building, sell it out or demolish it.

Spitzer also said by separating the building from its back lot, the town has more control over who or what sets up shop on the property.

In clarification, Town Attorney Nathan Miller said with the adjustment, the town can place new restrictions into the deed of the building to ensure control over what kind of business comes in.

“Until you get a buyer, you don’t need to do anything,” Miller said. “But what you need to think about is you can put restrictions in the deed and you convey it so if you have a buyer that has a specific use, and you don’t want that use, you can put the limitation on the property.”

He added the town can also add language into the deed requiring a buyer to obtain a special-use permit (which requires a public hearing) from the council.

While the town still has until the 30th to decide what to do with the building, Spitzer said he has been in talks with different nonprofit groups that may be interested in purchasing it from the town.

In a unanimous vote, council opted to move the boundary line. This allows the town to carry forward with its plans for the community park, which will be shown at a Community Development Block Grant meeting Nov. 29.

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