New Market marketing coordinator excited to take over

Amber Dennison

The Town of New Market has its new marketing and events coordinator and she’s one of their own. New Market native Amber Dennison will fill the role left vacant by Brittany Clem in January.

Dennison, 34, said she’s looking forward to picking up where her predecessor left off.

“My excitement is the fact that I get to help my hometown,” Dennison said. “(I want to) bring more people in to see the beauty of New Market and see what it has to offer because there are multiple things that New Market offers and I want to point that out. I have big shoes to fill because Brittany did a great job and I wanted to keep events that she had going because some of those things are coming up, like the Crossroads Music Festival, so I want to keep that going.”

Dennison said that the desire for a career change brought her to the role.

“I wanted a change,” she said. “(I wanted) a change in my career because what I did before, I’d been in that position for quite a while and I wanted something different. … It’s a great environment and I know everybody in the office. I wanted to leave for a job that I could be happy with and be able to give back. It is close to home, which is nice as well. Really, my main excitement was to be able to work in the town and see what I can do to help when I can.”

Dennison, a former McDonald’s manager, has taken business classes at Blue Ridge Community College as well. She said that aiding small businesses will be part of her focus in her new role.

“I think any time when you look at the marketing and events standpoint I feel like I want to work with the small businesses,” she said. “I want to get their ideas of what they think can draw people in and if that’s something I can do with events, helping them market items, that’s something that I can help them with. I can help them post on Facebook and social media. I’ll be working with town council and the town Chamber of Commerce.”

Dennison lives in New Market with her fiancee George Smoot and her 14-year-old son.

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