Town pool to open for the summer

Despite uncertainty after last year’s swim season, it appears Strasburg will end up opening its town pool in some capacity, according to the town manager.

The Strasburg town pool lost $90,172 in 2016, which prompted some Town Council members and town staffers to debate closing it for renovations. However, Town Manager Ryan Spitzer confirmed Wednesday that the pool will open, at least in part.

He said it was decided at the most recent meeting of the Town Council’s Recreation, Parks and Trails Committee to open the pool. However, the committee still needs to discuss how the pool will operate.

The pool could open on weekends alone, or open and close in accordance with the schools’ summer breaks, or open with regular hours. However, he said it will open, and that town officials have begun the hiring process to staff the pool.

Additionally, the committee is still considering whether or not to purchase new attractions like a water slide or shaded in area to attract patronage.

Barbara Plitt, a councilwoman and chair of the recreation committee, said the council originally hoped to close the pool this summer for major renovations at the pool. However, she said there’s not enough room in the current budget, and the town will need to plan to do it in a few years.

Plitt said the committee will be meeting March 6 in the Town Hall to discuss renovations at the pool and the hiring of a new pool manager. More details on the pool season should emerge then.

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