Group backs off push for seventh supervisor

Organizers of an effort to add a seventh member or tie breaker to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors plan to step back for now.

Responsible Leadership for Shenandoah County announced its initiative last month to expand the board as a way to potentially prevent deadlock among members. Craig Orndorff, director of the political action committee, made the following announcement Monday.

“After thoughtful consideration, particularly in light of changes in the dynamics of the Board of Supervisors races, we have decided to delay our push for a seventh member or tie breaker,” Orndorff states in an email. “Our membership has shown us that this is a proposal that continues to have ‘legs,’ as it were. We have over 370 signatures on our petition, and a very strong majority told us that Board dysfunction is the greatest issue facing the county.

“That said, looking at the political climate, we believe that this is an issue that deserves serious consideration on its own merit,” Orndorff added. “Furthermore, there are people on both sides of the divide on the Board who support or oppose the Seventh member. We don’t want this issue to become a dividing point between those who should be allies.”

Organizers of the effort indicate that the Board of Supervisors races in November might result in the election of three members who would support the institution of a tiebreaker. The Responsible Leadership group has leaned on a tiebreaker as the more prudent route. The organization members plan to ask candidates where they stand on the issue and continue to push for it, Orndorff states.

“At this time, however, we think it is best to wait a cycle until some smoke has cleared, and, should we have to go to the ballot, we can present the proposal on its own,” Orndorff went on to state. “We thank everyone for their support, and we hope that you will continue to fight with us for a more responsible Board of Supervisors.”

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