Pet of the Week: Hound Dog is the real deal

Hound Dog is more of a listener and observer than a barker. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

WINCHESTER — Hound Dog is aptly named for exemplifying the foremost traits of his breed – he’s ever alert with his nose and he’s always up for a chase.

Outside, this 80-pound black and white dog is constantly taking it in and acclimating himself to his surroundings through both sight and sound. He follows where he’s led and is quiet and calm the whole way, thoroughly investigating bushes and curbsides.

“He’s kinda laid back – some other dogs he doesn’t like. If they’re all up in his face then he goes back at them, but if they don’t bother him then he’s OK,” said Darlene Foreman, animal caretaker at Esther Boyd Animal Shelter in Frederick County.

Although he was outside most of the time with his previous owner, Hound Dog keeps his kennel at the shelter neat and clean. When outside, Foreman said he should have his own closed space where tempting critters won’t lure him away on a hunt.

“It would have to be a fenced in yard because he does like to follow his nose. If he sees a rabbit or a squirrel or a deer he’ll probably go chase them,” Foreman said.

At the shelter, Foreman said he mostly keeps quiet and keeps to himself. While some hounds may bark and bellow, Hound Dog is more of a listener and observer.

“He’s not as vocal as most of your hounds, he’s not constantly barking,” Foreman said.

He’s a calm and friendly hound who the shelter estimates to be from 5 to 10  years old. While he’ll be on alert for new scents, he appreciates a good scratch around the ears when it’s offered.

“Hounds are pretty good, temperament-wise,” Foreman said.

Hound Dog would be a good fit for a family as he will get along with kids, but he’ll have a hard time quelling his tendency to chase cats.

He appreciates attention, but he’s certainly not too demanding of it. Hound Dog is definitely not the type of mutt to barrel his family down with a muzzleful of barks and slobber, but he’ll make for a sure and steadfast companion.

“He can be kind of standoffish at times, he does his own thing,” Foreman said.

Hound Dog is current on his distemper shot and neutered, which makes his adoption fee $30. As per animal shelter policy, his future owner will need to take him to the vet within 10 days of adoption for a general check-up and a rabies shot.

With the right training, Hound Dog has a lot of potential as a hunting dog, true to his name and his breed. As long as his owner offers the right tasty incentive, this older dog will be able to learn quite a few new tricks.

“He does love his treats,” Foreman said.

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