Recall issued after Valley Milk probe

After a raid by federal authorities last week, the result of a summer investigation into sanitation practices, Valley Milk Products has announced a recall of certain batches of milk powder and buttermilk powder.

The products being recalled are 50-pound bags of high heat nonfat dry milk powder loin with a shelf life of 18 months with certain lot numbers. Those numbers, according to a release from Valley Milk are H151210, H151216, H151217, H151219, H151221, H151222, H151224, H151226, H151227, H151230, H151231, H160101, H160103, H160105, H160106, H160109, H160111, H160112, H160115, H160119, H160125, H160126, H160129, H160201, H160202, H160205, H160208, H160211, H160212, H160218, H160222, H160223, H160224, H160227, H160323, H160406, H160411, H160412, H160414, H160415, H160419, H160420, H160422, H160425, H160502, H160504, H160506, H160510, H160608, H160621, H160627, H160705.

Additionally, 50-pound bags of sweet cream buttermilk powder with a shelf life of 12 months with the following lot numbers are also being recalled: B151218, B160107, B160113, B160121, B160127, B160203, B160209, B160215, B160216, B160225, B160302, B160316, B160326, B160418,B160421.

The products being recalled were made between Dec. 10, 2015 and July 5, 2016.

“While these milk and buttermilk powder products received extensive testing by Valley Milk and no harmful agents were identified, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has raised concerns regarding the cleaning records for the drying equipment used to produce these products, casting doubt on whether these products may have contained salmonella,” the release stated. “Testing by FDA as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia did not identify salmonella in any of these products.”

The release stated that the products in question are not available for direct purchase by consumers, but are used as ingredients in baked items. Those who suspect they may be in possession of the products in question and have not already been contacted by the company are being asked to contact Michael Curtis at 301-512-5053 or email him at mcurtis@mdvamilk.com for complete instructions.

Calls to representatives for the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc., which represents Valley Milk Products L.L.C. according to the release, were not returned.

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