Shenandoah Bowling Lanes reopens, offering a door to the past

Tina Bowman is reopening Mount Jackson's Duck Pin Bowling Alley on Main Street this weekend. Rich Cooley/Daily

MOUNT JACKSON – Duckpin bowling – a version of bowling with smaller balls and pins – has returned to town as Shenandoah Bowling Lanes is reopening.

The alley, located at 5904 Main St. will hold its soft opening today from noon to 10 p.m.

Mount Jackson native Tina Bowman, the alley’s new owner,  grew up coming to Shenandoah Bowling Lanes and said she wants to provide that experience to younger generations.

Preparing for the opening, Bowman said a complete overhaul was given to the building that includes new electrical kitchen wiring, plumbing, painting and polishing.

While the building is improved, not much was actually changed because she wanted to preserve the atmosphere Roland Walters fostered while owning the alley for five-plus decades.

Tina Bowman works behind the pinsetter equipment of Mount Jackson's Duck Pin Bowling Alley. Rich Cooley/Daily

“Mr. Roland put everything he had into this place and I wanted to do the man justice and bring it back,” Bowman said. “I hope he is looking from somewhere else and he is seeing the kind of love that I put into this place. And I’m working to bring back the same thing he worked so hard for,” she said.

She added that a lot of “blood, sweat and love” were put into reopening the alley after it sat vacant for two years, and it was well worth it.

“If you put out positive, you bring in positive and for me, I think you feel that when you walk into my place. I think that you feel that this place has love all over it,” Bowman said.

She noted that opening Shenandoah Bowling Lanes is not just about the bowling and she will intertwine her passion for cooking by serving up food from “Tina’s Place” kitchen.

Bowman said the kitchen’s offerings will include a variety of finger foods and more “upscale” selections along with beer in about a month when the proper license is obtained. She said she loves food because it brings people together and encourages families to sit down and talk.

Tina Bowman is reopening Mount Jackson's Duck Pin Bowling Alley on Main Street this weekend. Rich Cooley/Daily

“I would like people to step back into time. I want you to put your cell phones away…I want you to sit down with your family and talk to each other. I think we’re losing that,” she said.

Walters also has plans for the alley to host birthdays, holiday parties and theme nights such as a 50s throwback day.

The alley will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.

Bowman said she decided to stay open late on weekends because the younger crowd in town does not have anywhere to go for fun.

“We drive out of our community to have stuff to do. You go to Winchester, you go to Strasburg, you go to Front Royal. If there’s something here, it will bring revenue here. If people have something to do, they will stay in our community,” she said.

Prices to bowl are $5 per game or $20 for four people to rent a lane for an hour.