Streett promoted to operations chief

Bill Streett

Bill Streett has been named operations chief for Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue. He replaces Tim Williams, who left the position to replace Gary Yew as the county’s fire chief.

Williams, a native of New Market, has worked in fire and rescue in some capacity since 1987, when he was a volunteer. He has been with the county department for the past 14 years.

“I’ve been with this department since 2002 when it first formed and we started providing operational services,” Streett said. “I worked in a part-time capacity as one of the first firefighter medics that the county had hired. At that point we were utilizing an ALS (advanced life support) chase truck where we were providing support to the ambulances.”

After serving as training chief, the 43-year-old Streett said that his new position will put him in direct contact with those he worked for more than 10 years to train. He said he’s excited for the opportunity.

“I just look forward to trying to meet the needs of the system and try to provide the resources our personnel need,” he said. “It’s been kind of nice over the last 11 years. I’ve been in a position where I’ve hired, trained and promoted just about everybody that’s on the career side of our system and its kind of opportunity to come full circle to the operational side and work to provide services to the community.”

Streett said his new title will have him doing a little bit of everything.

“The primary responsibility is to oversee the day to day operations for the provisions of emergency services in the county,” he said. “I’ll be in the field, I will be at a desk, I’ll be all over the place. Generally (I’ll be taking) care of the needs of our system, the staff that works in the county as well as the logistical needs of the volunteer system that we support.”

Streett said he wasn’t expecting the promotion and was glad he was able to stand out among other capable contenders.

“I was surprised,” he said. “It was a competitive process and there were several other internal candidates that were very qualified as well.”

Shenandoah County Fire Chief Tim Williams said that Streett’s experience worked to separate him from the field of applicants.

“We had four of our officers apply for our position,” Williams said. “All four did very well in the promotional process. I think Bill’s experience at the senior staff level allowed him to distance himself from the other candidates.”

Williams went on to describe Streett’s qualifications and what those will, in turn, provide to the department.

“I think he brings 11 years worth of Shenandoah County fire experience,” Williams said. “He is a National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer graduate. That is a four-year college equivalent program. I think his experience, his background and all the training he has acquired will certainly bring lots of things to our department.”

In addition to his overall experience, Williams said that specifically Streett’s experience as training chief will go a long way to operations within the department. Streett trained virtually all current career staff within the department.

” I think when you train or when you serve as a training officer and you end up being that staff’s immediate supervisor you know their training strengths and weaknesses,” he said. “He has an advantage in the way that he will know the strengths and weakness of our personnel as a whole so that he can compensate for that where he needs to compensate for it.”

Streett said that he’s not yet aware as to what extent he will be financially compensated, but said that will all be determined “once the dust settles.”

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