Central sets up technology help desk

Students and staff at Central High School can fix their electronics and learn about technology at the school’s technology help desk.

Central High School Librarian Tripp Ennis said the school was able to set up a technology help desk for students and staff through Moore Grant funding.

He said the school received $7,677.92 to purchase Microsoft Surface 4 Pro laptops that enable technology students to be mobile and visit classrooms if necessary. The school also purchased toolboxes and iFixit tool kits that have cellphone and laptop specific tools. Two soldering stations were also bought, which he added have been “incredibly helpful for salvaging and creating.” A Dremel 3D printer, filament and an HP Sprout were also purchased.

“We can now print our own designs to fix complicated problems,” he said. “For example, one student needed an extension for a GoPro camera mount. We were able to find a design online and print it for the student.”

A desk was also purchased for $370.

“The Moore Grant provides an exciting opportunity for school librarians to really embrace the major changes that have taken place in school libraries in the past decade,” he said. “The Moore Grant empowers us to really improve access to ideas, information and technology for students.”

He added that the technology help desk has been up and running for over a year now, helping to solve student, teacher and community electronic problems, and the students have really embraced the support.

“The students involved are incredibly interested in solving problems,” he said. “I often can not keep them busy enough. Our teachers have used tech club kids for a variety of personal and work related repairs. For example, our students will diagnose a problem and suggest a repair. If the client purchases the part that they need, our students will do the work for free.”

He said students work on both software and hardware issues and would like to start extending this service to the community on a more regular basis. The technology help desk is also repairing Chromebooks district wide.

“We want to support a district-wide shift to providing every student with a Chromebook,” he added.

In order to use the support offered by the technology help desk, Ennis said students and staff can either contact him or can visit the help desk during lunch.

“Our students have busy and fruitful academic lives, and they often do the work during their lunches or before and after school,” he said. “They are dedicated and amazing kids.”

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