Monday Spotlight: Former student helps manage athletic team

Central High School girls basketball manager John Albright cheers his team on as they go through warm up drills before their game against Strasburg on February 2. Rich Cooley/Daily

WOODSTOCK – A former Central High School student continues to participate in the school’s athletics program in a management role.

John Albright, 20, of Toms Brook, helps manage the girls basketball team at Central High School and participates in Champions Together. In Champions Together students with and without disabilities compete alongside each other.

Albright is a member of the LIFE (Learning Independence for Everyday) Program offered at Central High School, which is a class for post-graduate, special education students from throughout the county.

Albright said he has been helping to manage the girls basketball team for the last few years, since he was a senior at the school.

He said he’s a “pretty good athlete” and wanted to give back to the school’s athletic program because of his love for sports.

Central High School girls basketball manager John Albright joins the varsity girls basketball team as they get in a huddle before their recent game against Strasburg in Woodstock. Rich Cooley/Daily

During the games, he said he helps with warm-ups by holding the extra basketballs and isn’t afraid to give out high fives to team members. He added that he has been to every home game and a few of the away games.

He also believes he’s a good luck charm for the team because he wins most of the games. He also speaks to the athletes during school hours when he sees them around the school, building friendships along the way.

The love for managing the team began as he helped with the school’s football team when he was a sophomore and transitioned over to basketball in his senior year.

He has also participated in the school’s track team as an athlete and began running with Special Olympics in his senior year, as well as the soccer and basketball Special Olympic programs.

After aging out of the varsity program, he was able to continue participating in athletics through Champions Together, which has been at Central High School for three years and has between 12 to 14 athletes involved, as well as the entire varsity track team because they are partners during practices.

John Albright prepares to trade a high-five with Erika Thorpe during warmups in their recent game with Strasburg. Rich Cooley/Daily

In addition to his LIFE program schedule and work with the athletic department, he also has a part-time job at Food Lion.

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