Monday Spotlight: Busy life allows college dreams to come true

Emily Ball

MOUNT JACKSON – A Stonewall Jackson High School student and athlete will attend Boston College in the fall after receiving her Massanutten Regional Governor’s School certificate this spring.

Emily Ball, 18, of Orkney Springs, will graduate in June with a one-year college-credit certificate and attend Boston College, majoring in business analytics.

She said her GPA is 4.33 and that she takes multiple Advanced Placement courses, including microeconomics and government, as well as Governor’s School Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses in English, calculus, environmental science, and agroecology and research.

In addition to her many academic accomplishments, Ball is also a three-sport athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and tennis for the school, as well as skiing and snowboarding in her spare time in the winter, she added. She hopes to participate in club sports at college.

“I really love sports,” she said.

Combining her passions for sports and business, she is considering a career as a statistician, athletic director or manager of a sports team.

Her major, business analytics, she said, is the “data-science and math side of business.”

Ball chose Boston because she loves big-city living and loves the suburban campus that is close to family she has in the Boston area.

“It’s going to be completely new,” she said about moving from rural Virginia to Boston.

Along with her classes and sports activities, she is also president of Future Business Leaders of America, treasurer of the National Honors Society chapter and a member of the senior governing council at Stonewall Jackson High School.

She said she is able to juggle these commitments through time management and developing a routine to follow daily, prioritizing her schoolwork before extra-curriculars.

“I like being busy,” she added. “It doesn’t stress me out to have a full schedule.”

She advises anyone with a lot of commitments to “only do things that you’re passionate about.”

“I feel like everything that I do, I do because I want to,” she said, adding “so that helps me continuously do it and keep the routine.”

She believes being a part of so many groups at school and taking courses at the Governor’s School prepared her for her college career and allowed her to get into the prestigious college.

In order to afford the private college’s tuition of about $65,000 per year, she has applied to a variety of scholarships and is waiting to hear back.

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