Three sentenced in drug cases

FRONT ROYAL —  Circuit Judge Clifford L. Athey Jr. sentenced three people Tuesday in drug cases in Warren Circuit Court.

William Reinhardt, 31, of Star Tannery, pleaded guilty to possession of hydrocodone as part of a plea agreement. The charge stems from a September 2016 incident when Reinhardt stole drugs from a medicine cabinet in a nursing home that his mother once lived in.

David Oblon, Reinhardt’s attorney, told the judge that Reinhardt suffers from multiple sclerosis and was self-medicating at the time of the incident, and has been in drug treatment for eight months. Reinhardt was given a two-year suspended sentence with two years of supervised probation.

Felicia Somers, 26, of Hedgesville, West Virginia, pleaded guilty to two heroin distribution charges in March, but sentencing was postponed until Tuesday after a pre-sentencing report was conducted. Somers was arrested in September 2016 on those charges, and her attorney, David Hensley, said that Somers has received drug treatment while incarcerated at Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail.

On those two charges, Athey sentenced her to a total of 10 years imprisonment with all but two suspended as well as two years of supervised probation. Somers must also pay $150 in restitution to the Virginia State Police.

Dawn Keener, of Front Royal, was found guilty of heroin possession by Judge Ronald Napier in March after a bench trial. Athey said he was hesitant to sentence Keener because he did not originally find her guilty and would have to sentence her based on the results of the pre-sentencing report. Keener asked to be sentenced Tuesday by Athey rather than wait for Napier’s next appearance in Warren County Circuit Court in July.

Matt Beyrau, Keener’s attorney, emphasized that the heroin possession in this case was merely residue, and so Athey should give a sentence on the lower end of the sentencing guidelines. Beyrau also pointed out that Keener is already serving a sentence from Frederick County on charges from the same incident, and asked that her sentence run concurrent with the one she’s currently serving.

Athey sentenced Keener to five years imprisonment with all but one year suspended, and Keener will serve it consecutive to her other sentence. She must also complete two years of supervised probation, which will run concurrently with her three-year probation sentence.