Edinburg council approves 2017-18 budget

The Edinburg Town Council, on a vote of 6-0, approved the proposed 2017-18 fiscal year budget at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The new budget has revenue and expenses projected at just over $1.6 million, a $200,000 increase from last year’s $1.45 million budget.

A breakdown of the new budget shows the general fund at just under $980,000 in revenue and expenses while the enterprise fund is projected at just over $660,000.

Residents won’t see any tax increases as real property and personal property will stay at 19 cents and $1.08 respectively. The vehicle license tax will stay at $25 for a motor vehicle and $18 for a motorcycle. Water and sewer fees will also stay the same, coming in at $26.75 and $27.00 respectively. Meals tax will stay at five percent.

Legislative compensation will also remain unchanged as Town Council members will continue to receive a stipend of $300 per year and the mayor will receive a $500 stipend.

The budget was introduced at the April 11 council meeting and a public hearing was held on May 9. The budget will take effect   July 1. Residents can view a more detailed breakdown of the budget on the Edinburg town website, www.townofedinburg.com/html/welcom_1.htm