Local tractor club celebrates 28th annual show

MOUNT JACKSON – Community members and visitors alike were treated to pieces of history this past weekend at the Conicville Fire Department as the Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club held its 28th annual show.

Tractor lovers, young and old, were treated to an array of activities including a children’s fair, children’s pedal tractor races, a tractor parade and an antique tractor pull. Club members also took part in a 10-mile trail ride Sunday morning.

While most of the tractors came from Shenandoah County, Janet Kocon, who has been the club’s president for the last two years, said that one father/son duo brought a tractor from North Carolina and another person brought his tractor all the way from Florida.

Kocon also explained that she believes the club, which was started in 1989,  is not as interesting to younger generations and why it’s so important to her, and the community, to keep them going.

“It seems to be a dying breed, that interest in restoring antique tractors,” Kocon said. “It’s our heritage. A lot of these tractors are what used to put bread on your table and plowed the country. This is how you got your sustenance from the land. You have to be interested in history to really appreciate what these tractors have accomplished. The small family farm is something of the past and that’s where most of these tractors came from.”

Membership Information

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