Middletown proposes budget for 2017-18

MIDDLETOWN– Mayor Charles Harbaugh  addressed the proposed 2017-18 budget at Monday’s public hearing, telling those in attendance that, for the sixth straight year, there will be no tax increases.

The budget was discussed and proposed at a special meeting held May 30 at Lord Fairfax Community College. Then the council held a public hearing Monday to field any questions or concerns from the public; nobody spoke.

Highlights of the proposed budget include:

  • $140,000 and $100,000 of the revenue will come from meals tax and sales tax, respectively. The meals tax revenue is expected to be higher than in 2016-17 while the sales tax is almost $20,000 below 2016-17.

  • $45,000 of the revenue is expected to come from Veteran Memorial Donations.

  • Revenues from sewer services are expected to see a six percent increase while revenues from water services are expected to see an 11 percent decrease.

  • The administrative, zoning, police, maintenance, sewer and water departments are all expected to have an increase in expenses in 2017-18, with the highest increase being the town’s sewer department at more than $140,000.

  • The town’s fire department expenses are expected to stay the same from the previous year.

  • Total expenses for Middletown are expected to be more than $107,000 higher from 2016-17, with the final expense total being $2,450,554.

  • While the revenue and expense balance is even for 2017-18, more than $100,000 was needed from the town’s reserve fund to even out the totals.

Town Manager and Treasurer Rebecca Layman said the first and second readings of the proposed budget will take place at the Town Council meeting on Monday at the old town hall chamber. The final reading and vote will take place at a special meeting on June 20.