Skyline twins want to ‘make America healthier again’

Sarah Chichester

FRONT ROYAL – Hannah and Sarah Chichester are involved in pretty much every extracurricular activity at Skyline High School. There’s just one thing they haven’t done.

“We don’t do sports,” Sarah said.

In their time at Skyline High School, the two were in the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, the band, theater and were part of Y Street, an organization that advocates for healthy lifestyles in Virginia.

As part of Y Street, the Chichester twins successfully persuaded the Warren County School Board to make campuses tobacco-free. That effort is part of Y Street’s 24/7 Virginia Campaign.

“It’s about being tobacco-free, 24/7,” Hannah said.

Hannah Chichester

The Chichesters were thankful for the support they received on the plan from the School Board.

“Our School Board is everything to us,” Sarah said.

As the two sisters leave Skyline, they both want to continue making an impact to people’s health. According to Hannah, they want to expand the tobacco-free program to other school districts.

They also plan on being involved in the community while going to college. Sarah will be attending Lord Fairfax Community College, while Hannah will be going to American University.

Although she said she is going to miss some of the involvement she had in the community at Skyline, Sarah said, “I’m just as excited to be just as involved in Lord Fairfax.”

Both Chichesters also hope to be involved in public health issues throughout their lives.

Hannah is going to attend American University, where she’ll be studying public health. She wants to eventually become a congresswoman.

Sarah’s interest in public health dates back a long time. She was on a train, she said, when she started speaking to someone who worked in public health.

“I thought, in that moment, I want to do that,” she said.

Going forward, Sarah has her entire life planned out. She is going to be studying at Lord Fairfax Community College, before transferring to George Mason. Then, she’ll get her master’s degree in public health.

After that, she’ll become the 51st president of the United States. She even has a slogan for that campaign. And for Hannah’s campaign.

“We’re going to make America healthier again,” Sarah said.

Skyline Graduation

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Date: Saturday.

Speakers: Principal Michael Smith, SCA President Alexandra Hickman and Senior Class President Daniel Kurzenknabe.

Top Academic Female: Alexandra Hickman.

Top Academic Male: Landon Holben.

Graduates: There are 227 people in the graduating class, with 123 moving on to college, 16 will attend a trade school or other type of school, 86 will enter the workforce and two have enlisted in the military.

Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected. The Top Academic Male was Landon Holben.