Strasburg Town Council moves toward asphalt plant decision

Blair Starr, a resident of Founders Way, speaks against the proposed Kickin' Asphalt plant during the public hearing for the special use permit application on Monday night inside Strasburg's Town Council chambers. Rich Cooley/Daily

STRASBURG —  Members of the Strasburg Town Council expressed some concerns at a public hearing Monday about a proposal to build an asphalt plant in the town’s business development park.

A Strasburg-based company, Kickin’ Asphalt, has sought the council’s approval for an asphalt plant in the town. If the town does not approve the plans by granting a special use permit, the company cannot build the plant.

Plans to bring the plant to Strasburg’s business development park have been met with criticism from some local residents, who fear it could harm their health and the value of their houses. Those residents live in a development about 2,000 feet away from the asphalt plant.

David Stanley, a project manager at Kickin’ Asphalt, dismissed those concerns in a phone interview last week, saying that there is another asphalt plant close to the housing development, about 3,500 feet away.

Shane Keats, one of the residents who lives nearby, said at the work session that the presence of the existing asphalt plant does not lessen the concerns he has about the environmental impact the new plant would have.

“You kind of double the factors there” by adding a second plant, he said.

Councilman Scott Terndrup, said he was concerned about some of the environmental factors.

“It’s the responsibility of this town to be sure that [the plant is] safe,” Terndrup said.

However, he also said that he wanted to see more businesses come to Strasburg, noting that only seven percent of the revenue stream coming into the town is from businesses.

Terndrup and councilman Don LeVine both said they wanted to see  more conditions added to the contract than  are currently there.

The council will vote on the proposal at its 7 p.m. meeting on June 13.