Triplett Tech student ready to join law enforcement

Kylie Stottlemyer

MOUNT JACKSON – A cybersecurity student at Triplett Tech is ready to gain experience in law enforcement after graduating.

Kylie Stottlemyer, 18, of Maurertown, has been studying cybersecurity over the last semester and will graduate from Triplett Tech Thursday, and her base school Central High School this weekend.

She said she joined the cybesecurity program at Triplett Tech because she would like to pursue a career in law enforcement. She will begin forensic criminology and pathology classes at Mary Baldwin University in the fall and plans to join the FBI or CIA after receiving her degree.

“Cybersecurity is a growing job field,” she said, noting that is what motivated her to take a cybersecurity course and learn the basics.

She said she isn’t very tech savvy and loved that the course challenged her to learn more about technology. She was inspired by the show NCIS, especially the character Abby Scuito, who is a forensic scientist on the show.

Over the course of the semester, Stottlemyer has programmed Boe-Bots to go through a maze and respond to music and lights. She said she also learned about different viruses and how to protect computers from them and fix them if infected. She added that password security was also an eye-opener because a simple conversation with someone can give anyone access to passwords.

“It’s always something new,” she said. “And that’s what’s nice about cybersecurity because it’s not just based on one thing because it changes every single day. There’s always improvements being made to the computers and updates.”

Triplett Tech has provided a different atmosphere from Central High School, she said, because teachers aren’t required to follow a regime for SOL testing.

“Now we can venture out and have fun while learning,” she added. “It gives you a lot more opportunities.”

She said she wished she could have attended Triplett Tech in her junior year, but was instead a part of the Junior ROTC program with Massanutten Military Academy.

Stottlemyer added that she will shadow law enforcement with the Woodstock Police Department this summer to gain a further understanding of the field she wishes to be a part of.

“Hopefully I can get an insider’s point of view and see where I really fall,” she said.

After college, she added that she would like to join the Navy and travel to other countries.

Triplett Graduation

When: 7 p.m. Thursday.

Where: Stonewall Jackson High School new gym.

Graduates: 134 candidates.