Woodstock man pleads guilty to drug distribution

Alexander Seal

WOODSTOCK —  A Woodstock man pleaded guilty on Friday to eight criminal charges including cocaine distribution and possession.

Alexander Seal, 22, was one of 25 arrested in March 2017 after a year-long investigation conducted by the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office into drugs being sold to area teens.

Seal, with help from others arrested as a result of the investigation, sold cocaine — and imitation cocaine — in varying quantities to a confidential informant on three separate occasions in February 2017.

Seal was also facing drug possession charges from a July 2016 arrest where he was intoxicated and trespassing on Central High School property.

Under terms of  a plea agreement, Seal pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing cocaine, possession of cocaine, marijuana possession, obstruction of justice, public intoxication, and trespassing on school property.

The prosecution dropped two of the drug distribution charges Seal was facing, as well as the charge of distributing imitation cocaine.

Judge Dennis L. Hupp accepted the plea agreement, and sentenced Seal to a total of 12 years imprisonment and 24 months and 30 days in jail with all but 10 months of that time suspended. Seal was also sentenced to four years of probation upon his release, three of which will be supervised.

Seal must also pay $1,850 in restitution to the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office from the money he earned through drug purchases from the confidential informant.