Man pleads guilty by Alford to jail escape

Zachary Sours

WOODSTOCK — A Stanley, Virginia, man entered an Alford plea of guilty Wednesday to walking off from his work release assignment in September 2016.

Zachary Aaron Sours, 34, was an inmate at the Page County Jail and was at a work release facility in Quicksburg on Sept. 14, 2016, when he “disappeared,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Angela Landes said during the hearing.

At the facility, authorities found Sours’ jail-issued shirt that he left behind. He had made comments to other inmates at the facility that he wondered what would happen if he just walked away, and he was avidly trying to use a cellphone the inmates had at the facility, Landes added.

Sours was found three days later in a front yard on the 700 block of Wissler Road wearing barely any clothing. He told authorities that he was abducted from the facility and was locked inside of a trunk but managed to escape. Sours had scratches on his body when he was found and was taken to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital for his injuries. A doctor later determined that the injuries were self-inflicted, Landes said.

Under the plea agreement, Sours entered an Alford plea of guilty to being a felony offender and escaping without violence. An Alford plea allows a defendant to maintain his innocence while pleading guilty because it would be in his best interest to do so.

Circuit Judge Dennis L. Hupp accepted the plea agreement and sentenced Sours to two years imprisonment with 1 1/2 years suspended. Sours must also complete one year of supervised probation upon his release. Sours is already serving a two year and 10 month sentence from a drug distribution charge from Page County that started in August 2016.