Strasburg police chief to retire in January

Tim Sutherly

STRASBURG – Strasburg Police Chief Tim Sutherly is retiring in January.

During Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, Sutherly, 49, said that he had submitted his resignation letter to Town Manager Wyatt Pearson.

Sutherly said he decided to make the announcement during the town council meeting because rumors had begun to form surrounding his retirement.

“We have had discussions here at Town Hall and some of that information has leaked out to the public,” Sutherly said in an interview on Wednesday. “So I wanted to make that announcement before the rumor spread too loudly and festered, like most rumors do.”

Sutherly had been thinking about retiring for a while.

“I’ve always told myself that when I thought I had a year or two left, to make that my last year,” Sutherly said. “And then, you’re in the position to go out on your own terms and in good standing.”

Sutherly grew up in Strasburg and attended Strasburg High School. He said it was an honor to serve as police chief in the same community he grew up in.

“If you’d known my family back then, I’d have been that kid who you wouldn’t have given a chance to prosper,” Sutherly said. “So I’ve been blessed to have that opportunity.”

During Sutherly’s time as police chief, the Strasburg Police Department has raised the salaries of its officers, which helped the department keep officers. The town’s crime rate has also decreased since Sutherly was hired, he said.

Sutherly has been Strasburg’s police chief for a decade, taking the job in 2007. He came to the Strasburg Police Department from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked for 17 years.

Three years ago, Sutherly moved toward challenging Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy C. Carter in the 2015 sheriff’s election. Sutherly dropped out of the campaign in April of that year.

He said Wednesday that he has no intention to run as sheriff again.

For now, Sutherly said he doesn’t have his eye on any jobs. Instead, he said he plans on spending time with his children and letting his wife focus on her career.

“I’m in a position where my kids are still at the age where they want to be spending time with their parents,” Sutherly said.

He added that he hopes his successor will be hired internally.