Judge grants funds for video transcription in murder case

David Glynn Hoyle

FRONT ROYAL — Circuit Judge Ronald L. Napier on Monday granted a defense motion for additional funds in the case involving the town man accused in the March shooting death of his stepfather.

Public defenders Tim Coyne and Ryan Nuzzo, who represent David Glynn Hoyle, 33, filed a motion asking for the funds to have the police interrogation and body camera footage from Hoyle’s initial arrest transcribed in preparation for their defense. Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Anna Hammond argued against transcription of the body camera footage, saying that presenting the video should be enough.

Napier granted the defense $1,000 for the transcription of the related footage in this case. He noted that his general attitude is that he wants to give the defense as many tools as necessary to effectively defend Hoyle; in July, Napier granted $7,500 for an extensive psychological evaluation of the evidence in the case at the defense’s request. Napier said that his willingness to provide those resources to defense counsel is in no way indicative of any prejudice against the prosecution.

The defense also filed a motion to suppress certain evidence obtained against Hoyle. Nuzzo alleged that the interrogation was conducted without a knowing and voluntary waiver of Hoyle’s Miranda rights. During the interrogation, Nuzzo added, Hoyle invoked his right to an attorney so the gunshot residue evidence collected after that should be suppressed because the interrogation should have stopped when Hoyle asked for an attorney.

Nuzzo also said that the police body camera footage shows an interview with Hoyle on the house’s front porch that was also conducted without a voluntary waiver of his Miranda rights. A half-day suppression hearing to hear the full argument on the evidence was set for Oct. 20 in Warren County Circuit Court.