Mount Jackson approves 2017 comprehensive plan

MOUNT JACKSON – The Town Council unanimously approved the 2017 comprehensive plan on Monday night.

Among other recommendations, the plan marks an increased amount of acreage to the southern end of town as ideal for industrial development. The plan does not rezone land by itself, but offers a vision for the town moving forward.

“Showing that it’s industrial doesn’t mean it’s appropriate that all of those properties be industrial,” said Todd Gordon, director of planning for the Berkley Group, which was hired by the town to draft the comprehensive plan. “If you had a major industrial user come in and locate somewhere around there, you’d want to revisit this map and decide if it’s appropriate to attract more of the same, or if you might want to make changes.”

Council member Whitney Miller put it simply. “If industry was to come, our preference would be it’s in this area,” she said.

The vote to approve the plan was originally slated for the council’s regular meeting on Oct. 16, but Whitney expressed the need for more time to read through the plan. Other members echoed Whitney’s sentiment and agreed to delay the vote.