Strasburg man pleads guilty to cocaine distribution

WOODSTOCK — Circuit Judge Dennis L. Hupp accepted a plea agreement Wednesday that called for a Strasburg man to plead guilty to cocaine distribution.

Christian Eli Medrano-Umanzor, 25, sold a half gram of cocaine for $60 to a confidential informant in the informant’s car in September 2016, Commonwealth’s Attorney Amanda Wiseley said. The drugs were lab tested and shown to be cocaine.

He was sentenced to serve three months of a five-year prison sentence and pay $60 in restitution from the drug transaction as part of the plea agreement. Medrano-Umanzor must also complete three years of supervised probation upon his release.

Wiseley explained that the sentence in this case was agreed upon because her office could not locate the original lab analysis for the suspected cocaine, and found only a copy of it. To get an original would likely require retesting, since the original analyst is no longer with the lab, and would take an additional eight months at best to complete. She also added that Medrano-Umanzor has no prior adult felony record.

The two marijuana-related charges — distribution of over 5 pounds and transporting over 5 pounds to Virginia — were dismissed as part of the agreement because of “evidentiary issues” regarding the drugs.

At the request of David Hensley,  Medrano-Umanzor’s attorney, Hupp allowed the defendant to report to Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail on Nov. 27.