Strasburg may require commission members to not owe town money

STRASBURG — The Town Council may require that people who serve on a Strasburg board or commission do not  owe the town any money.

Members of the Ordinance Committee moved forward with plans to set the new requirements during a meeting on Monday. Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that John Settle, Strasburg’s planning and zoning administrator, will draft an amendment to the town’s development ordinance.

After Settle writes the amendment, the issue will likely move to the Planning Commission. The amendment will need to go through a work session and meeting of the Town Council before the changes become cemented into the town’s rules.

Council member Don Le Vine, who said he first proposed these changes about a year ago, said that the next requirements would help to ensure that board and commission members represent the town well.

“It seemed to me that anyone who was appointed to a board of commission…should have fulfilled all their obligations to the town,” Le Vine said.

During Monday’s Ordinance Committee meeting, Vice Mayor Scott Terndrup said that council members were in favor of the changes previously but that the Town Council never held a vote on the potential changes.

Pearson said that members of town boards and commissions have owed the town taxes “in one form or another.”

Le Vine also said that board and commission members have owed money to the town in the past.

“I felt I wasn’t interested in the past,” Le Vine said. “You learn from the past, and you make corrections.”

Le Vine said that the proposed rules would not prevent anyone who is currently on a board or commission from continuing to serve. Instead, they would apply only to new appointments and reappointments.

The new rules will not impact members of the Town Council.

“You can’t enforce that to council people because they are elected,” Le Vine said.