Strasburg pulls out of all drought conditions

Strasburg has ended all drought conditions after receiving two inches of rainfall on Sunday. However, the Department of Environmental Quality has not yet lifted the drought watch advisory for the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

After Sunday’s rain, the area’s seven-day average river flow reached just upward of the mandatory drought watch limit, but Strasburg Public Works Director Jay McKinley anticipates that number to climb even higher.

“This time of year we come out of it and we’re usually good for the winter into the spring, and we don’t go back into any kind of drought condition until late summer of the next year,” McKinley said.

Shenandoah, Frederick and Warren counties are all still under DEQ drought watch advisory conditions.

“We monitor rainfall and other conditions around the state pretty frequently,” said Bill Hayden, spokesman for the DEQ. “So if there was enough rainfall we’ll take a look and see if the drought watch needs to be changed, but that has not happened yet.”