Frederick authorities seek to drop charges against Winchester doctor

The Frederick County Commonwealth’s Attorney filed a motion Thursday to dismiss charges against Dr. Jill Call, who was arrested outside her burning home on Aug. 3 on charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

A Frederick County Sheriff’s Office press release stated that deputies A.J. Kendra and C. Garrison, the officers who conducted the arrest, later met with Call on Oct. 26 and “each individual was given an opportunity to explain each person’s respective conduct during the incident that led to Dr. Call’s arrest.”

Call’s husband, Dr. Jason Call, recorded a video of the incident on his cell phone of the arrest but did not make the footage public. A snippet of audio from the video was released on a local newspaper’s website.

In the audio, Jill Call, who had undergone knee surgery in April of the previous year, can be heard yelling about pain in her knees.

“There’s so much media sensation and that’s the furthest thing from what happened,” said Sheriff Lenny Millholland Friday, who also attended the Oct. 26 meeting with Call and the deputies. “The bottom line to this whole story is it was a tragic event, and there was a whole lot of emotion that evening, and, you know, we had to address the issues from fire and rescue and basically had to get her from the property so they could do their job.

“Once they got together and they talked we accepted her explanation and her apology, and that’s it,” he said.

Millholland did not state how frequently individuals facing obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct charges are given the chance to meet with their arresting officers, but stated that the nuances of the particular incident warranted such a meeting.

“She lost her house, and all of her belongings and every single, solitary thing the family had,” Millholland said. “Any person with a heart would understand that, rightly so, she was upset. But we had to do our jobs. She understands that.”

Millholland said the deputies did not use excessive force when detaining Call.

“We did a whole, total and complete investigation on it, and there was nothing out of the normal procedures that we do that had any issue whatsoever,” Millholland said.

At the end of the meeting, Millholland said that “everybody shook hands” and there were no lasting bad feelings. Millholland at that point requested that the charges against Call be dropped.

“We’re just glad that it was able to come to a happy ending for as happy as it can be,” Millholland said.