Mount Jackson appoints interim town clerk

MOUNT JACKSON – The Town Council has appointed Susan Maziarz as interim town clerk while Heather Taylor is away on medical leave.

Mayor Bucky Miller was still on vacation and did not attend the council meeting. Vice Mayor Ron Shepherd led the meeting in his absence.

“Clerking is seen as mundane but it’s very much what holds things together around here,” Shepherd said. “It’s critical, important information maybe five years down the road, 10 years down the road, or even some historians look at.”

Shepherd also announced that the Conservation Fund has raised  $364,000 to protect the Knob overlooking Mount Jackson. Last month Shepherd proposed a motion for the council to donate $15,000 to the Conservation Fund as well as matching residents’ donations dollar-for-dollar up to an additional $10,000, which the council approved unanimously.

At the meeting Tuesday, Town Manager Kevin Fauber provided an update on the town’s efforts to construct sidewalks along either side of U.S. 11.

“I’m pleased to report the sidewalk project, particularly on the southern end of town, is going quite well,” Fauber said. “We did make the application for the next round of grant money … (which) will take a look at Conicville Boulevard and continue the sidewalks on Main Street to Avondale Acres.”

Fauber estimated that the first phase of the project, which stretches from Mount Jackson Street to Triplett Tech and from the Family Dollar to the shopping center, should be finished in February.

In the wake of Virginia’s 2017 gubernatorial race, Shepherd seized the chance to contrast the current shape of local and statewide politics.

“I was absolutely appalled by the political commercials I saw on TV. I’ve never seen such vitriol and hatred and negativity in my life. It’s no wonder people hate government people, hate elected officials,” Shepherd said. “I’m very proud to be part of one of the finest-functioning legislative bodies in the state of Virginia. I think  the Mount Jackson Town Council gets a lot of efficient things done and we don’t have any of that kind of meanness around here. I’m very proud to be serving with you all.”