Strasburg Planning Commission approves asphalt company’s site plan

STRASBURG — Kickin’ Asphalt  has moved a step closer toward setting up a plant in Strasburg’s business park.

Members of Strasburg’s Planning Commission decided unanimously Tuesday to grant approval toward a site plan that would allow the regional asphalt company to construct a building for their operations.

The vote came with little discussion, as members of the commission, like Vince Polling, decided to follow town staff’s recommendation and approve the site plan.

“I would rely on what staff has said, which is that it meets all of the requirements of the [unified development ordinance,]” Polling said.

But council member Scott Terndrup, who voted against allowing the proposed asphalt plant in Strasburg’s business park, brought up previous conflicts surrounding the a plant.

“Because of the decisions of council, there is only a voluntary compliance by the applicant to maintain best practices and mitigate the harmful and noxious, irritable particulates that could come should the plant actually materialize,” Terndrup said. “We are relying on the good will of this corporate neighbor.”

The potential plant is set to be built about one-half mile from a residential area. When Kickin’ Asphalt applied to the town for a special use permit so that it could build an asphalt plant in the town’s business park, a number of residents voiced concern about the potential impact the plant could have on their health and property values.

Kickin’ Asphalt is still a long way from building an asphalt plant in Strasburg. The site plan the Planning Commission approved on Monday does not include an asphalt plant, meaning that the company will have to return to the Planning Commission again with a site plan for a plant.

During the meeting, members of the Planning Commission referred to the site plan as “phase two” in the company’s three-phase process of building an asphalt plant in Strasburg. (The first phase was receiving a special use permit from Town Council.)