VA 42 corridor considered for transportation study

The town of Woodstock is working with the Virginia Department of Transportation to study the VA 42 corridor from Hisey Avenue to East Reservoir Road.

“Staff meet with the local VDOT residency to discuss their study/design priorities for their jurisdiction,” town manager Angela Clem said in an email. “This corridor is a priority because of congestion and safety issues.”

Sandy Myers, a spokesperson with VDOT, confirmed the kickoff meeting.

“We are working on defining the final scope of the study,” Myers said “It is very early in the process.”

VDOT hopes to have the parameters of the study finalized by early next year and the study completed by the summer of 2018, Myers said.

The completed study will include updated traffic counts and design recommendations that could potentially alleviate some conflict points, Clem stated.

There will be an opportunity for public input. That date has not yet been set.

“It will likely be married with the town’s community wide pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure plan timeline,” Clem stated.

Funding through the state for design and construction costs will be applied for at a future date once the project is ready.