Voters like Kline for Shenandoah County School Board

Shelby Kline

Shelby Kline won election Tuesday to the Shenandoah County School Board with 1,281 votes, according to unofficial election results.

“Wow. I am pleasantly surprised,” Kline said when informed of the results.

She had been out canvassing all day.

Kline said she plans to address what constituents told her they would like addressed. The two issues she heard the most while campaigning were changes to the school calendar and the boundary changes.

“Neither of which are “easy fixes,” she said.

Kline beat out challengers Chris Boies, 36, vice president of Financial and Administrative Services at Lord Fairfax Community College, and Eugene Putkowski, 67, a Shenandoah County Public School District bus driver.

Boies received the second highest number of votes with 752 votes, according to unofficial results.

Kline said Boise gave her a run for the seat and had some great qualifications.

“I think it was the fact I had 30 years experience,” Kline said. “I am thrilled that the voters felt I would be the best fit to represent them.”

Boise congratulated Kline on her win.

“I offer her any support she may need during her transition,” Boies said.

Putkowski, according to unofficial results, received 267 votes. He said he was hoping to make a difference. He wanted to help lead the School Board to where he felt it needed to be – as less of a rubber stamp to the schools as well as holding Superintendent Mark Johnston accountable for the schools’ performance.

People told him he needed to campaign more.

“It’s hard when you work,” Putkowski said.

The three were vying to fill the School Board seat once held by Irving Getz.

This election saw voters questioning candidates on issues such as improving the strained working relationship between the Shenandoah County School Board and the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, school overcrowding, their plan to achieve accreditation in all of the schools and how they would improve morale among teachers.

Kline said the 20-year facilities plan was too aggressive, and she felt planners did not listen enough to the citizens of Shenandoah County.

And as to helping achieve full accreditation in the division’s schools, Kline said she would like to use the highest scoring, most qualified and experienced teachers to act as coaches to younger teachers.