Forecast says that first snow is likely today

The first snow of the season was heading toward Northern Virginia  Friday night and expected to arrive early today.

The National Weather Service as, of 4:30 p.m., said snow was likely to fall today between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m.

The snowfall is not expected to be a major one. Brandon Fling, a meteorologist with the  Weather Service in Sterling, said  parts of Maryland and Virginia will receive between two and four inches of snow.

“This will give the area a good first taste of winter,” Fling said. “It’s not a huge impact storm.”

The  Weather Service did not foresee the Northern Shenandoah Valley region receiving as much snowfall as other parts of the state. Fling said that places like the Northern Shenandoah Valley should expect to receive less than two inches of snow.

Because the snow was expected to be relatively minor and was set to occur during a weekend when there is not much commuting traffic, Fling said that the precipitation could be a good first test for the region.

“It gives a chance for everybody to kind of get their winter plans in place and give it a trial run with the system,” Fling said. “And so, if we get potentially any stronger systems later this winter, folks will hopefully be prepared and have their plans in place.”

Meanwhile, the Virginia Department of Transportation spent time on Friday putting anti-freezing agents on Interstate 81, Interstate 64 and  some primary roads.

In preparation for winter storms, VDOT typically prepares anti-icing agents on roads that  might be used as detours in case  part of an interstate is shut down for a crash. Sandy Myers, a VDOT spokeswoman, said the agency was not doing much in terms of preparing the primary roads.

“I think if we were going to get more (snow), there would be more of an effort on the primaries,” Myers said.

But Myers said that drivers should be cautious.

“It’s great to take that extra step of driving defensively, giving yourself a lot of time between yourself and the vehicles in front of you, and just driving with a lot of caution,” Myers said.